My name is Michael Salmons, known professionally as Michael Theriot. My dream is to build my very own production company that covers a wide variety of fields such as film, fashion, photography, art, and the multiple forms of Media. You have to start somewhere right? That’s why I chose YouTube. I feel like it’s a great platform for me to learn what it really take to run a strong production company. Currently I have two shows. The first is The Howler, my talk show/vlog. The Second is Cooking with Nutz, where I make you laugh as I try out new recipes, cook with friends, or just come up with my own recipes on a weekly basis. When I was young I had always been interested in both film production and culinary arts. During that time I started making videos with my little camera which made me realize I really enjoyed writing and bringing my visions to life through video. I went on to become a chef and took many classes on the subject in school. While moving to Richmond, I took some time to figure out who Michael Theriot is. Three years later, after getting married, I am back to making videos again on my channel, doing what I love - entertaining & cooking. My philosophy is "Change the world with your smile". Making people feel good and having them smile is something I find very rewarding. So lets change the world together... Michael Theriot

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